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Welcome to ReFocus

Professional Consultancy for Global Families

and Companies and Institutions working with Global Families

What is ReFocus?

Today's global families are exposed to continuous changes and must re-adapt constantly, yet there is no direct support in this process.

ReFocus aims to support global families, so they can
be their best selves in every situation.

Associated stakeholders, such as employers and other
institutions will also benefit, when a global family reaches their highest potential.

How can ReFocus help you?

ReFocus is a concept that re-frames your thoughts and experience.

Just as a lens can focus a blurred image

so that it becomes clearly visible for a new insight,

ReFocus can direct your attention to view areas you haven't noticed before,
  and notice the ones from which you have to derive the emphasis.

Applying a new perspective enables you to be more effective and reach higher potential as an individual as well as a family.

Discovering the ReFocus concept

ReFocus offers a range of programs and workshops

for individuals and global families to explore the ReFocus concept. 

Programs are also available for companies and institutions.

When can ReFocus help you?

1. Change management in global family settings

When a global family encounters any changes in circumstances,

such as a new family situation, country of living, school etc. a
process of acculturation and / or adaptation can be experienced.

Change management is vital to almost
every circumstance and can also be applied to processes

such as redefinition of identity or incorporation of new habits or roles

for individuals and families.

2. Career/Dual career identification

If you are considering a career change, or a new position,

career identification can be very useful.

Why is this more complex for individuals who are part of a global family?

Career decisions in a global family have a significant impact
on the family situation as well. It is no longer an individual choice,

but a decision in a family context.

Can you be identified as a member of a global family?

This is a recurring question amongst clients working with ReFocus International.

If your answer is YES to any of the following questions,

then YES, you have a global family.

*the members of your family were born in at least two or more different countries
* your family changed their country of residence at least once
* your family is planning to change their country of residence
* your family ties are connected to at least two or more different countries

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Book a free 30 minutes Global Family Compass Session

to see how ReFocus Program can help you.


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ReFocus International is founded by Judit Vegh, who has been working with global families for several years and is a passionate and dedicated supporter of global families. As a PhD candidate she conducts research on global family life before/

during/after the pandemic.

She is a member/board member of several professional organizations connected to her field and research area. She is also a regular presenter at scientific conferences internationally. With a global family herself Judit can relate to clients and speaks from personal experience in addition to her research.

ReFocus on Global Life

Image by Markus Spiske

Workshops for International Schools

Global Families

This workshop series specifically designed

for International Schools
and can be offered to their parents.

This program gives deeper insight into global families, so parents can better understand the dynamics

of their global family.

Throughout the workshops, different topics and concepts are explained in an interactive way.

Please contact us for more details.

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Global Families in 2022
Today's global families are exposed to constant changes and have to re-adapt all the time. The last couple of years have brought even more changes to global families' life. This webinar brings you current research findings and activities to better understand the life of a global family in 2022.
15 Feb 2022, 10:00 am – 11:00 am HKT
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I have collaborated with Judit on research projects. We were rather thrown in together having never met before, but in no time I realised we were 'on the same page' despite having quite different backgrounds and living continents apart. Judit cares about her work and to me, that is what really matters.

Helen Ellis, M.A. Author & Founder of


Please contact us for more information about our programs and workshops.

+852 9137 5173

Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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